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August – October 2009

Dear All.

I greet you in the precious name of Jesus, and pray you are all well as this year rapidly draws to a close.

It seems that time is spinning by faster every month, and it is difficult to believe this will be our last correspondence till 2010. It will be a big year for South Africa when the world descends on us for the world Soccer Cup. Frantic activity is everywhere preparing for this momentous event. It all seems pretty surreal – and scary to say the least. I really cannot imagine everything being ready on time.

I am very happy summer is here, the garden is blooming with flowers, and lovely hot weather is here at last!

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November 2009 - January 2010

Hi there my beloved partners in Ministry,

Here is the latest update – my humble apology for the delay due to pressure of work.

I also apologise that I have had little time to spend on compiling it, placing the photos randomly – however I am sure you will follow from the captions – Thanks!

Being February already Christmas and all that business seems so long ago.

I pray you had a blessed Christmas and fantastic start to 2010? I certainly have. In fact I know this year is going to be the best year for Ministry

We are having wonderful weather, and everywhere there are flowers and beautiful trees.[This is only in the world here in the suburbs of Cape Town  – NOT in Khayelitsha – a different world of poverty and deprivation there – the diverseness of being a cross cultural Missionary here].  Being African I really love and appreciate these long hot summer days. Thanks be to God for His kindness in giving me Ministry here in Cape Town where the weather suits me perfectly.

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August – November 2010

I greet you all in the precious name of our wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ.

Time sure has slipped by quickly, and I am unable to register that it is only a couple of weeks till Christmas!

I must apologise to you all for this late report. The delay was mainly due my illness. This past year has indeed had more challenges and hurdles than any other year. Praise God He has helped us overcome all of them. The more we battle for the gospel, pleases me, as it proves Satan is not happy with the work we are doing for God’s Kingdom.

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December 2010 – February 2011b

Hi there - my wonderful and faithful partners in Kingdom work here in Khayelitsha.
I pray your year has got off to a good start?
The Ministry has – it is so fantastic to have such a positive start to the year, after all the many challenges of 2010.
It is pretty hectic trying to get all the organizing done now and while I am away till after Easter on my fund raising trip to Australia. I leave on the 20th March and return to Cape Town on the 7th May.

I will give you some of the best news first.
Due to your faithful prayers – the Court case has now been taken off the Judges Role – this means, because they were still “not ready” with their documents – after a postponement for them to “get ready” – 6 months ago – they will now have to re-apply – only when they have all the relevant documents. This is a great relief for the present, so I can go away with a peaceful mind. Thanks for your prayers, continue to pray that next time the case will be dismissed.

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