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Hi to all my faithful prayer warriors and partners in the Lord’s work. I am very grateful for your support in prayer these past months, which have been very challenging indeed. Spring is supposed to be here? Due to the continual rain–[summer is still coming]-the flowers are out in bumper numbers Cape Town is still experiencing very wet and cold weather most days with low temperatures all of October! 

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I am thrilled to share with you all the ministry news, over these past months. So much has happened, it is great to experience and witness God's purpose and plan slowly unfolding over the year.

Cape Town is now in the Middle of a very cold and wet winter, and I will be very happy when it has passed, as it is very stressful working daily with scores of wet, hungry and sick children and families, with very limited resources to help them thru this season.

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My fondest greetings to you all.

I pray you have all settled into a wonderful 2012.

We have had a very hot summer, with 3 heat waves, lasting weeks at a time – up into the 40 degrees in places and beautiful warm balmy days in between. It is now beginning to close in for autumn [fall] with the days getting shorter, but lovely weather, blue skies and breezes. I love summer!

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May to July 2010

Greetings beloved partners in Ministry,

I pray you are having a blessed year, and keeping well.

We certainly have had VERY challenging months, since my last news to you.

Firsty - the computer. It simply gave up from old age, after a few weeks of trying to fix it with no success - I had to get a replacement. This has taken some getting used to.  However the upside to this, I have a system that is not 20 years old.  I am slowly getting used to the new systems, from Mark, who has given me a couple of lessons.

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