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MAY 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends and supporters of Uyesu Unathi ministries in Khayelitsha,

It has been 3 months since Laura Haas passed away.  We miss her terribly.  We are more committed than ever to continue building on the foundation she laid.  We have been busy with organizing the structure of the various ministries so that the work will not slow down, but be enhanced. 

Here is what has happened: 


Raymond Xazana (Sipho) was nominated to be the new chairman of the Uyesu Unathi Board.  He has worked closely with Laura for the past few years and has been managing many of the finer details ever since Laura was sick a few years ago with cancer.  He has a proven track record and we thank God for his faithful service. 

 Zuki, who has been responsible for the pre-school, has also been added to the board.  She and Sipho work well together and ensure that the daily routines are in place and that the structures are running smoothly.

The pre-school is adding an additional class – the Grade R class, which is in great demand.  It will be good news to the community and bring in extra students who will be influenced by the gospel. 

Sipho grew up in Khayelitsha and knows the culture and the people.  He has been working hard to build relationships with his unchurched neighbours, inviting them to the church service and showing them the difference Christ makes in his life. We want to make sure that we support him because he is taking on the main burden of responsibility.

Zuki, who was trained very carefully by Laura is responsible for the Sunday School and kids club.  They have a Thursday prayer meeting and recently 150 children took part.  These children are growing up hearing the good news of Jesus and seeing it in action. 

The Uyesu Unathi Church is growing numerically and in the depth of their commitment to Jesus Christ.  We have seen recent conversions and now are praying that God will provide a full-time minister to shepherd this flock.  Sipho has been leading this group and organizing a preaching roster, but real growth and discipleship making will increase when we have someone who can take full responsibility. 

Please pray for the right guy.  Many qualified people don’t want to live in the area, so we need someone who has a heart for this community.  We have started to build a house for the new minister, but still need to put on the roof before the winter rains come.  Please consider contributing towards this project.  We still need R200,000 for materials and labour.

According to her will, Laura’s house was sold and the proceeds will be carefully invested and used for ministry in Khayelitsha .  The executor is setting up trustees who will administer the funds.  We are also setting up the office of Uyesu Unathi at the location in Khayelitsha.  Previously, it was run from Laura’s home.  We have simplified the structure to make it more efficient.  We are grateful that Laura had recently hired an accountant who has been a tremendous help to us.  There is a system of accountability and good-governance in place which gives us freedom to get on with ministry. 

All financial support towards the work in Khayelitsha can be deposited into the Uyesu Unathi account: ABSA 9266212088.  You can specify if funds are for the pre-school or for the education fund,building projects or general ministry needs.

Some of you had personally sponsored Laura in the past.  Sipho is on the ground and will know best how to distribute donations for school uniforms, orphans, etc. We now will need to make sure there are enough funds for Sipho and for the future minister.  Please feel free to contact me with any personal questions if you are unclear about anything: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The official opening of the Life Skills Centre will be at 10am, Friday, 3 June on Laura’s Birthday to honour her memory.  We are hoping that those of you who are in the area will be able to join us for this occasion.  

There are many churches in Khayelitsha, but the majority of them are preaching a false gospel of prosperity and still cling to pagan worship of ancestors.  I’m thrilled to be a part of this work that is setting captives free and is giving hope to the broken-hearted.  Please continue to pray and support this vital ministry.

On behalf of the Uyesu Unathi Board,

Rev Mark Parris


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