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AUGUST 2015 Newsletter

Greetings dearly loved Family and partners in Ministry.

Thanks again for waiting for this update!

Great things have been happening in Khayelitsha – much to Satan’s annoyance. He does try to destroy it all. However, we know no matter what he tires - he will never succeed.

We just covet your prayer support for every facet of this ministry. God continues to uplift me and to guide this ministry. Praise his holy name.

Because prayer is the power behind everything in this ministry I shall begin with our need for your prayer support.

Prayer requests for the next few months.

  • For the Uyesu Unathi Church, as God continues to guide and grow His church.
  • For leaders to grow spiritually, and to  be totally committed to serve Him.
  • To thank Him for funds to begin to equip the Grade R class. and to be accepted by Social Service.
  • For protection in this Ministry: people, children, buildings, vehicles, equipment and health and projects.
  • For funds to be raised to support all areas of Ministry.  Pray  for a full time Pastor.
  • Pray for protection against criminals, drugs, violence, robbery and abuse to old folk and children. 

What an exciting and challenging year we have had. How the months have flown by!

I have highlighted some of the happenings in Ministry over the past 4 months to thank you for your prayer support to pray for this Ministry – under great threat by Satan, he just won’t give up!


There was so much fun at the sports day – parents joined in all the fun and games, giving everyone much joy and laughter. The change in parents this year, and their involvement in their children’s activities, was so encouraging to the staff, who were so delighted in their commitment to work with their children. The new classroom has a carpet and shelves and cupboards are being installed..

We are proud of the Tracksuits of the Uyesu unathi preschool – and so are the parents. They have given us an Identity now in the community. Together with the weekly food mostly veggies and bread from Woolworths [past sell by date food] contributes greatly to keeping us in the black in our books.

We were also blessed with boxes and tins of soup and warm clothing from Grove Primary School



We are so grateful for the help we get from Social Services that keep our needs for the preschool under control – so that we manage to pay all our bills every month. In July we did not quite make it, due to the school holidays when parents keep children away and don’t pay school fees, but we have a plan for this too in future!


These past months have been very productive. Our new teachers are growing spiritually, sharing the gospel every week with the children, and encouraging them to do outreach in the community. They see the need to share the gospel with everyone they can. This has resulted in community awareness of uYesu unathi and our ministry. The numbers are steadily growing – especially in the Young adults group led by Zusakhe. They did an outreach with Charl from our DCC church at the Mall, and learned from seeing a video of the Jesus movie, that not everyone will accept the gospel – just like they rejected Jesus.



This has been especially cold, windy and rainy winter –however this did not hamper our energetic youth who were blessed during the school holidays. Our Durbanville Church joined us for a week accommodated at our venue. Our young folk joined in with them eagerly, and had so much fun learning new songs, and other ways to learn bible verses.  Scores of children came every day to learn more about Jesus, see drama and puppet shows. Warren the DCC the children’s leader, was magic teaching the children -with so much energy and enthusiasm and lots of loud music which the children loved. It was a great time with much laughter and joy for everyone.


The children were blessed in many ways during the holiday club. They were given pairs of socks from Stephen Mundell. Beanies, sent all the way from Australia, knitted by ladies who care for these children. Our DCC parents like Sung Min -made biscuits iced and covered with sprinkles, a special treat.  On the last day children enjoyed a lunch of hotdogs, took home “goodie bags” of snacks which included fruit donated by Woolworths. Thanks to folk who donated toward the food every day. Thanks to everyone who prepared the snacks and lunches to feed everyone. The day ended with a dress up concert a fun way to close off the week, and thanking God for His provision and love for them.


The Youth organized and funded a very special Mother’s day. Tables were laden with plates of yummy homemade muffins, fresh fruit and cakes and biscuits, with jugs of juice. Entertainment was Classical Dancing by very talented dancers from our youth and visitors. It was delightful. The mothers were given gifts and appreciated all the work done for them showing the gratitude for being their mothers.

Even the youth [boys] and a few of the men join in as well and enjoy themselves.

On Freedom Day on June 16th the Youth organized a concert to celebrate freedom [meaning, freedom Christ gives to us] other youth groups were invited to join us in this Christian celebration, There was much music and dancing. Our Youth did a splendid performance of Sarafina as seen in Photo below.

Now that they have access to the Kombi – they are able to visit other churches, do the outreach work and also have fun times.  Sipho took the first group [girls] to an outing to the ice rink – where they had so much fun – no one had ever been to a rink before. Next will be the boys turn!




We are delighted to share with you for your ongoing prayer support – Praise God for the growing number of committed leaders. The progress is slow but steady and we are grateful to God for His guidance. Continue to pray for Sipho in his role running the services. So much of the work I used to do he has taken over and doing a much better job too. Praise the Lord. Pray also for our networking with the Mandela Park and Strand Churches that we can grow and share the Lord’s work together.


Your Missionary in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa


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