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NOV 2015 Newsletter

Greetings dearly loved Family and partners in Ministry.

Thanks again for waiting for this update! It half way through December and I am just surviving!

As Ministry grows, so does the workload- and more time needed to complete the varied activities.

Unfortunately leadership takes more time to develop, train and maintain – so the numbers of truly committed leaders still remains very small.

This leaves us with precious little time to communication with our prayer warriors and supporters - without which there would be no Ministry at all! We pray for your understanding and forgiveness.

Urgent prayer requests for 2016.

  •  For God to raise up Leadership. A Pastor, to teach and train the youth, men and women in Church.
  •  Pray for God to remove the Shebeen [drinking place].Three people have already died on our doorstep.
  •  The Shebeen has become popular as it now has an outside area with umbrellas, chairs and tables!
  •  This situation is extremely dangerous having drunken men, violence and abuse just across the road.
  • Please pray for new donors to support this Ministry, we are extremely low on funds for 2016.

Thanks for all the blessings too.   

  • Thank the Lord for the spiritual growth in the leadership and their commitment to serve this year
  • Thank the Lord for the funds to have the Grade R class completed and almost totally equipped
  • Thank the Lord for protection for all our staff, children, buildings, equipment and vehicles in 2015

Prayer requests for the next few months.

  • For the Uyesu Unathi Church, for wisdom and direction to see God’s purpose and plan for 2016.
  • For protection in this Ministry: people, children, buildings, vehicles, equipment and health and projects.
  • For funds needed to support and maintain the Ministry in 2016.  Funds are urgently needed for 2016.
  • Pray for protection against criminals, drugs, violence, robbery and abuse of the elderly and children.
  • Pray for spiritual guidance and wisdom for all those leading in this Ministry, Church and Preschool

Sept and Oct have been extremely busy months with fund raising being a huge challenge to keep the Ministry working. A large number of donors, especially locally, have regrettably had to stop their support due to their own financial restraints. Things are pretty tough at present.

However, it has been a wonderful time of growth which we pray will continue in 2016 – with more “first time” happenings as we meet and plan for 2016 with our Mandela Park and Strand Churches.


The staff organised a very entertaining concert for the parents in order to raise funds  for the preschool These little ones have such natural rhythm and still too young to have any hang ups about being shy – on the contrary want to show you just what they can do!

The graduation of the Grade R class – who will begin “big school next year was well attended by family and friends, ending with a scrumptious lunch. We were entertained with lively dancing and singing. All the graduates wer given a bible to take home and parents encouraged to read with them. Most of the children want to grow up to be Doctors! A far cry when we grew up and wanted simply occupations like a fireman or policeman. We even had one wanted to be a computer bof! How life has progressed.


The new Grade R class is now almost fully equipped and in use, much to the delight of all the parents. They are so proud of the facilities for their children and eager to help with fund raising.

here are some big items we must still have. We have registered to have the Social Development assist us financially, to assist with replacing equipment and food and toys.

The preschool is  a popular place to share birthdays. Sipho’s son had his 9th birthday and shared it will all the preschool children, who were too pleased to have cake and other yummy goodies.



I was very impressed with the Sunday school children who spent time in Church, showing us what they had learned singing new songs and dances. They had a play showing God’s power with Lazarus being raised from the dead, very creative. The teachers wrote the play and organized the children well.

What a blessing to not be involved and allowing teachers free reign to do the event themselves. They have learned so well. They made Christmas cards had a lovely party and 70 were given gifts. The Junior youth 23 of them, received gift shoe boxes with toiletries which they loved.



There is only one week’s holiday in September for schools and this time our junior Youth wanted to help as leaders. This was a “first” for guys – and they did a great job too. The guys – 12 of them, slept in the facilities for the week, along with our experienced leaders. This was “another first”. This was great as they did not have to get up so early and travel to the venue. They helped feed the children, hear their bible verses in their groups. What was interesting was the parents – some of them had to come and see where their child was sleeping and why they preferred to stay here and not come home. They all went away very happy and impressed with the facilities. Thank you Lord.       




This has been a blessing and worth all the hard work. There are approx. 70 children that are coming every week to hear the bible stories, have a meal, play soccer and other games. Most of the young leaders are boys which is a delightful and encouraging development. The parents were invited to see them in church-another “first”. However this needs to be worked on as not many came, but those who did made a point of telling me how their child’s behavior had changes and improved.



We were privileged to have our Pastor Mark Parris, bring his parents Jim and Arlene Parris to visit

us here in Khayelitsha. They taught some inspiring messages from God’s word. They themselves are Missionaries on were a Mission trip to Minister in different parts of Africa. They live in America and made their base here with their son and his family. It was a treat and blessing for us.

The Church had their fund raising  – in October – Heritage Day. Everyone in the congregation dresses up in Traditional dress. Then their donation is very small. However if they don’t dress or forget, then their donation toward fund raising is higher. The congregation loves to dress in their national dress this and we had many very beautiful dresses and it was a really fun day for all.

After Church the Youth laid on a lovely spread of tea/coffee, juice, fruit, biscuits and cake for everyone. What was so encouraging was that they organized and funded this tea themselves. This is progress and another “first”. Showing their maturity and  independance, not asking for funds for refreshments.



We have been busy raising funds for our biggest outreach of the year in the squatter area of Site B.

Every year for the past 7 years, we have handed out thousands of gifts to these extremely poor children. The vast majority are orphans either due to parents dying from AIDS, or who are in prison, hopeless drunkards or drug addicts and have just abandoned them. Thanks to several of you and you’re gracious giving – we have been able to make up 2000 gift packs. This has been nerve wracking and

difficult work – long hours and little breaks – but we have done it – Praise the Lord and you for your kind generosity. This is another reason why this newsletter is late, thanks for bearing with us. We do the ‘big hand out’ on the 21st December – where we will give the gospel to 400 children at a time [all allowed in the hall at one time due to fire laws] – for about 6 hours, with around 30 volunteers. Pray it all goes smoothly.


Besides doing the 2000 Christmas packs we have had several parties with gifts for the people.

We had a hand out of 81 gift bags for the seniors, a preschool party with gifts for 108 children,

A Sunday school party with 80 gifts, a kids klub party with 90 gifts, junior youth braai with 24 gift packs, a church lunch with gift parcels for 40 people plus gifts the pastor and guests, for all the men working on the house and the builder, the people who help us during the year and a party and gifts for the preschool teachers. We will still have our Sunday school teachers’ lunch this Friday the 18th Dec.

Hopefully I can get this to you all before then! God bless all who helped us with these gifts.



My health is improving and I thank God that I am much stronger physically. I now shop, do housework, gardening and church work on my own – just like before I was ill. Praise God for the healing!.

All is well with the throat 18 months since the surgery. I needed an x ray to determine any cancer in the lungs. One lung has a black section? so another x ray must be done next March. Pray it is not cancer.

The little car is going well and I am so thankful for it, especially being automatic. It is used a lot and so is the Kombi used in Khayelitsha that now does a lot of the work I used to do. It has been fun finding out how everything works on the car -like the radio, a/c and how to lift the seats for the packing space at the back. I miss the Kombi and the quick acceleration needed if wanting to pass a vehicle – as this engine is much smaller. It also makes a lot of noise as if I am going extremely fast! Apparently this is what automatics do? Maybe God just wants me to really slow down?

Thank you for your valued support. We are so grateful to God for you. Be assured you are valued and appreciated and very much needed to keep this Ministry working, to win souls for Christ.

I send you all my love, God bless you in abundance for your loving and caring heart for these children,and the community in general.

Have a blessed Christmas and a healthy happy and peaceful 2016.

Your Missionary in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa


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