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MAY 2015 Newsletter

Greetings dearly loved Family and partners in Ministry with me, serving our Lord in Khayelitsha.
Thank you all for your patience in waiting for an update of this Ministry for months!

I pray God willing I am able to serve Him in good health for the rest of this year of 2015.
Please accept my grateful thanks to all of you who have prayed me through these past months and for the Ministry that continued to operate without me there. This is the first news/ prayer letter this year, due to unforeseen circumstances of ill health during March and April. I am so thankful that I am slowly healing. God has been amazing and very close to me these past months.

I will begin with a list our prayer requests please for 2015.

Prayer requests for the next few months.
• For the Uyesu Unathi Church, as God guides and leads and grows His church here in Khayelitsha
• For leaders in the Church who have grown spiritually these past 6 months to continue to serve.
• To thank Him for the building now completed – pray for funds to now equip it as Grade R class.
• For protection in this Ministry: people, children, buildings, vehicles, equipment and health.
• For sufficient funds to be raised, in order to support all the areas of Ministry for this year.
• For God for the wonderful work he is doing in the lives of Sipho and Nzuki, and their spiritual growth.
• Pray specifically for the health of all leaders Sipho and Nzuki and Susan in particular.

I will give a brief summary of this newsletter with the photos as follows:-
Back to school – stationery and kids Library and donation to Preschool
Sunday school training Preaching at Church Rev M. Parris
Valentine's Day Youth Choir visit to DCC
Kids club Combined - Easter at Strand and congregation
Zusakhe Junior Youth Buildings completed this year

Just to end off 2014 - I would love to share the blessing we had in November. The Preschool did a fantastic job for the Graduation when 24 children graduated. Apart from the ceremony, the programme and the entertainment by the preschool children, 70 parents, 40 children and 20 guests were served a cooked meal. The staff worked so well together and did a great job of organizing the event.
The children all received their lovely certificates and bible.
In December we were very blessed to give 60 girls and 50 boys' gifts of toiletries, chocolates and chips. at townships in Durbanville.30 gifts for a Senior citizens home nearby. 40 Gifts for our congregation and 20 gifts preschool staff, bible study ladies, 180 for the kids club, 20 for junior youth and 100 for Sunday school - this apart from the 4000 gift packs that we usually make for the underprivileged children in Site B.

2015-05 1 2015-05 2



2015 started off on a very positive note This was due to the fact that all the staff at the Preschool were blessed with a salary and a bonus. Praise and thanks to our Lord for His provision through YOU giving so generously. They were all able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with their families. It was a gigantic answer to all your and our prayers. We thank you so much for our kindness to us.
The Youth all were given stationery with which to start their new school year, thanks to a lot of donations received from one of our Churches. They were delighted as these items are very costly for this poor community to buy. We also had our children starting school for the first time. Pinky, the girl was so thrilled with her uniform she wanted to sleep in it and not take it off!

2015-05 3 2015-05 4

Everyone has returned from the Christmas annual holiday, in the middle of January, then planning for the year begins for all Ministry Departments.
First, the teaching and training done by CEF [Child Evangelism Fellowship] to refresh our Sunday school Teachers, for both the experienced and new teachers. Next, Teacher's Books with the Lessons for the Term, Bible verses and handworkfor the Sunday school for the Term. The programme is worked out for the year.
The weekly Bible studies for the Term, with take home handouts in Xhosa.
The kid's club programmes. Bible stories, games new songs all learned from CEF.
All ministries startup in February.
A preaching roster organized for each month - done throughout the year.No holidays here!

We were immensely blessed by Sandy, from Germany, our partner and co-worker for over 20 years.
She tries to visit us before Christmas.
However this year she came with her mother and niece. We were so impressed as they both wanted to visit the work God has done at Uyesu Unathi.
She arrived bearing gifts from friends and family – funds and fun things – like these caps almost 100 - and goodie bags in the photo below, for all our kids at Kids Club delighted to be spoiled.
The preschool, which is dear to her heart, were so grateful for this blessing too, as they received items that urgently needed replacing, like spoons, bowls, brooms, mops, kettle, buckets, plates and more – all items that wear out or get broken, and cost so much to replace.

2015-05 5 2015-05 6


I am so grateful to God that I was able to share some fun times with our leaders, like Valentine's Day service, before my health needed attention.
We had a lot of fun using Valentine's Day as our first fund raising event. The congregation was asked to wear red and white. If they did they were asked to donate a small amount of money. If they did not they had to contribute a larger amount. The best dressed were given prizes, and the organizers counted what we had raised. Those who were not happy came forward and donated further gifts, with much approval and clapping from the rest of the congregation.
We also started to erect more shelves in our Children's Library for books. Please do pass along books your children have grown out of, we will only be too happy to receive. The children come on a Thursday when they have Kids club, and can read, colour in and do puzzles before club started.

2015-05 7 2015-05 8


Sipho was able to take the Senior Youth to visit our DCC Church to bless them with the Xhosa hymns and songs. Sipho also gave a report on the ministry it's growth and development.The preacher the
Rev. Mark Parris came to Khayelitsha to preach one Sunday in March. He is always so inspiring.

2015-05 9 2015-05 10

Easter was a blessed time for our church. Our church joined together the Rev.Phumezo Masango's Church in Mandela Park, our Church in Hermanus and Rev. Peter Masango's Church in the Strand.
The 4 churches organized a programme for the entire "Holy Week" – before the Crucifixion of Good Friday and had a huge celebration and lunch on Sunday – the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ. Everyone had a wonderful and very encouraging week.

2015-05 11 2015-05 12


In April we were blessed to see the growth in the Junior Youth under the Leadership of Zusakhe. They had a fun time one weekend sharing a meal together – called a "braai," in Oz it is a "Barbi" and USA a "cookout" – meat over a fire outside!
This year we have started a ministry, for our ladies. We join with the Mandela Park Ladies, under the leadership of the Minister's wife. The ladies have prayer and teaching once a month and are now growing spiritually, some shared in Nzuki's 40th birthday with tea and cake.

2015-05 13 2015-05 14

Thanks to all of you who prayed for a good reputable builder, the garages and Grade R class were completed without any problems. Sipho took good care of every stage of the progress. We now only need burglar bars and security doors to secure the premises. I praise God for your donations to the building costs. We have started fund raising to equip the preschool to the satisfaction of the Social Services, Health Department and Fire department. These must be approved in order to get help with the teacher's salary.
This Grade R class prepares the children for school, with numerous activities and outings packed into their year. Very different to the younger children, as they won't take naps – they need to get used to this, as there are no nap times in "Big School".
We can now leave the Kombi locked and safe from being stolen. God is so good. It is a very sought after vehicle to be stolen as they are used as Taxies. This is the main source of transport in the Township and a very lucrative business. There was no way Sipho could leave it at his house in Site B, too much of a temptation for robbers. It is used every day for Ministry work. Thank God he has a license.
Pray for a car please - urgently, as we are trying to sell it for scrap.

2015-05 15 2015-05 16


Praise God I am so much better after my hip transplant and cancer was found in the bone.
Neither was cancer found in the blood when the diseased vein was removed from under my knee. Praise and thanks to our Lord. What a wonderful God we serve. I am again so thankful to my family especially Cyndi, Tyree and church family for caring for me. It is a year ago since my first cancer treatments began, and I have been home now for a month after these two recent operations.
I have been walking without the walker for a couple of days. This was difficult at first with my cracked pelvis and coxes, as I could not sit, but the pain is so much less I can now move around more freely. I will soon be driving. Please continue being partners with us in prayer this year, especially for our health, all the leaders particularly Sipho, Nzuki and Susan.
In the precious name of Jesus- I send much love and blessing to you all.
Your Missionary in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa


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