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NOV - FEB 2014 Newsletter

Dearly loved supporters, friends, partners in Ministry, and prayer warriors, I pray the very best for all of you for this year. May God bless you and may you grow in grace.

As the newsletter is written every 3 to 4 months, and rather long, I am changing the format. Beginning with some Prayer requests, and a basic summary of the content. This will save time, as some folk can simply glance at the contents and choose what they wish to read more about!

Prayer requests for the next few months.

  • For the Uyesu Unathi Church structure, and for God to grow His church.
  • For folk who came to Church in the past. That they will soon return, as some folk are now doing.
  • For us all to have wisdom and discernment, as we seek God to teach and train Godly leaders.
  • For wisdom to know God’s purpose and plans for this year and obey His desires for this Ministry.
  • For protection of everything in this Ministry: people, buildings, vehicles, equipment and health.
  • For all Ministry funds to be able support it. For new sponsors to get involved in this Ministry.
  • For the Court case settlement. That it can be completed as soon as possible.

Summary of this News letter


  • Tiny Tots beauty pageant – fund raiser by parents  – first graduation ceremony
  • Christmas  packs for 1000’s of kids & orphans – all were given the gospel! Praise God.
  • Peter Vaughan, new Board member, Youth receiving Certificates / Youth Braai
  • Visit from Canadian friends / First Church service Christmas day in Conference Centre


  • First service in our Hall/ Meet Peter and his 2 gorgeous girls - Robyne and Kristen
  • Valentine’s  Day  - dressed in Red and White? -  to raise funds for the youth/ Sunday school game.

The last News/Prayer letter ended wit with prayer for the Court Case – It was settled out of Court and the occupants left the premises on the 20th December. Finally, this has happened, and we rejoice and praise God that, after15 months of battle in the courts, we can now start over. It was a very traumatic few weeks leading up to Christmas, and some issues still need to be finalized.

Please pray for our lawyer that he will be bold, and that this difficult time will soon end completely.

Those of you who have been with us in prayer for these past few months, you know the details, and I thank you all for your prayer support. Your ongoing prayer support is most valued. Thank you. The Hall was in no condition to be used for a service as Toilets and equipment broken, and very dirty.

However, we celebrated the birth of our Savior with a service in the Conference Hall. It was a very joyous occasion. Some friends from Canada joined us. They were on holiday, from Cairo where they are working for 3 years. We worked together in Site B 20 years ago! They returned to Canada before their children were born! We were joyfully giving thanks and praise to God in the Service, that we completely forgot to take collection!   


November and December: 

Our Preschool and parents organized a Tiny Tots beauty pageant – to raise funds for the preschool. It was huge success, appreciated by everyone. However, it was very difficult to choose winners as they all were so cute. Then, at the end of the month the Preschool had their first Graduation ceremony, where these little ones donned cap and gown and were given diplomas – again, they looked so adorable, and took they took the occasion very seriously.


These were extremely busy months, making up thousands of “Christmas Packs”, the bulk of these went to the very poor children who live in shanties in Site B. We had in a Hall, allowing 300 per time, from 3 – 15 years old. Every child who came received the gospel! This work began in October, accumulating the toys, donations for clothing, sweets, nicnacs [type of cheese snack], books, stationery, toiletries etc. which went into each pack. Hundreds of these packs went to our preschool, Sunday school, other preschools, and our adopted orphanage.[or safety home] on right below. Hall on left.


Our Youth had a “Braai” – barbeque, for their Christmas celebration and also received gifts. Peter Vaughan, our newly appointed Board member, who has trained the Youth all year, gave out certificates to the committed youth who had attended Friday meeting through the year, much to the delight of the youth who appreciated his thoughtful and great gesture.

Due to the large number of leaders, it was decided that the Sunday school teachers, volunteers and other club leaders, have a braai to celebrate. However, the ladies from the bible study group settled for a Christmas party. All were thrilled with the gifts they received, which they rightly deserved.

 Below: Sunday school children with gifts, Christmas cards and angels they made.


In spite of insufficient funds for the preschool teachers, generous sponsors contributed toward their salaries, and every teacher was able to have a good Christmas, plus a bonus! This is always a difficult time financially, as the preschool is closed for December and January due to the summer holidays, so no fees come in to pay their salaries. God is so good. Thank you to all who gave.

Below: Youth Braai and Peter handing out certificates.


January 2014

We have also some other great news.

We have asked Peter to be the Pastor of Uyesu Unathi Church this year.

He is an experienced Pastor who had a church in Dallas Texas for many years.

He has come to Cape Town as a Missionary with his 2 daughters, and we are delighted to welcome him into the Uyesu Unathi family. He will be responsible for teaching and training leaders and the Sunday services. We are going to take things very slowly, as God leads us.

Our sole desire is to glorify God, preach His word, obey Him, and give the gospel to all.

Due to the hard work of Nonzukiso, Sipho, Mawande, Nozizwe and Zusakhe, and Eby, they have, after a couple of weeks, managed to clean the Hall for the church service. They not only scrubbed floors but washed down the dirty walls as well! Thank God funds were raised to have repairs done to the toilets. However, there is still much repair work to be done. We also need all office equipment, as the previous tenants took everything. We are trying to get the freezer and fridge back, pray we are successful. Any furniture you could donate for Mawande’s flat, would be greatly appreciated. His was all removed when they left the premises. Please let me know, thank you.


Above: Mawande preaching at our Christmas service. We were thrilled to welcome back several

Folk who were at the church before all the “challenges”.  Please pray for Peter our Pastor now.


Valentine’s day is always a very special time. The Youth asked us to dress in Red and white. This was a way to raise funds. If you did not, you had to pay a forfeit! They raised a good bit of money! Our Sunday school children had fun matching up “Bible Lovers” – like Adam and Eve - the names were printed on huge hearts, and placed all over the room. They did very well, much to our surprise, they really know the Bible characters!



Nozizwe went back for a little Operation to remove a small growth in her throat, but she is fine now. Nzuki’s house was burgled and all her belongings, TV and fan stolen. Security door to be replaced.

Both my van and Sipho’s car have been out of action for weeks, a great hinderence to the Ministry.

Please pray we get a radiator for Sipho’s car. Drug addicts almost stole a bakkie, loaned to us by Robbie and messed up he ignition – which we paid for. Please pray  for funds, to cover all these expenses. For burglar bars to be put up, to secure their premises. Thank you.

Mawande and Sipho are taking training with Hope International. They are both striving to pass their driving licences. Both of them are doing a fantastic job serving in this Ministry. Praise God for them.


My main prayer is for the Osteo Arthritis. It has now gone to my right hip and spine and is very painful. The Doctor took me off the Anti-inflamatory as they have caused a Peptic ulcer! I am going for a bone density test. I am no longer a wrinkly, I am now a crumbly! Not easy this getting old business! Cant wait for a new body!  

Ministry is going well, praise and thanks to our precious Lord Jesus. I thoroughly enjoyed a very hot summer! It is now officially Autum, and all too soon the cold and wet Winter will be here !

We have some special visitors from America  here at present, Jim and Arlene – Mark’s Parents from USA and Peter and Joan Vaughan, our new Pastor’s parents also from USA. It is so great having folk visit with us, and we pray, they will continue to help us to minister and serve God here in Khayelitsha.

May our loving God bless you richly, and in abundance!

I love you all, in the wonderful name of Jesus, my dear family in Christ.



Your Missionary in Khayelitsha,

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