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MAR - JUL 2014 Newsletter

As it is such a long time since I have written to you, that I would first like to thank you all for your patience, support and understanding. I have been greatly blessed by all the loving prayer and care I have received that has taken me through a very difficult time. God richly bless you all.
Prayer requests for the next few months.
  • For the Uyesu Unathi Church. That the congregation will grow in numbers and commitment to our Lord.
  • For leaders in the Church to grow spiritually.  For plans to network with Mandela Park in future.
  •  For Robbie Daries , our new Board member, a blessing we thank God for.
  • For us all to have wisdom and discernment, as we seek God to teach and train Godly leaders.
  •  For wisdom to know God’s purpose and plans for this year and obey His desires for this Ministry.
  •  For protection of everything in this Ministry: people, buildings, vehicles, equipment and health.
  • For all Ministry funds to be able support it.
  •  For Social Services to fund preschool – for building another classroom for Grade R children.
  •  For Sipho and Nzuki, and their spiritual growth, that they will deepen their relationship with God.
  • For results, that the cancer has been cured. Thank God for all who cared for Laura these past 4 months

 I thank God for all the leaders of Uyesu Unathi and the Preschool who worked together as a team, to make this newsletter possible, to keep you updated on new developments in this Ministry.

 Most of the photos were sent to me by Sipho. The staff, Sipho, Nzuki Susan, and others, ran the Ministry while I was unable to, and did a wonderful job. I am very proud of them and all they accomplished. I just gave the word and it was done!

  •  I will give a brief summary of this newsletter with the photos as follows:-
  • Gifts to disabled school children
  • Mother’s Day
  • Easter
  • Sunday school in Church
  • Youth – CPUT
  • Mawande – KlipheuwelGarden – veggies for preschool
  •  New “Library”
  • Sewing M/C’s are now used
  •  Preschool – new toilets
  • Holiday Bible Club.

We are delighted the church building has been repaired and cleaned and has new musical equipment. Slowly we are replacing other equipment like office table, shelves, printer and computer. However we did not have the fridge and freezer returned, but will replace in summer when needed.

God is slowly drawing His children to Him. The “mamas” enjoyed a tea after the service and the youth served them with delicious refreshments on Mother’s  Day.

The Sunday School continued to operate with very efficient teachers and leaders and stable in the numbers of children that come.

The usual Palm Sunday walk-a-bout the neighbourhood singing and inviting children to Sunday school was this year accompanied by our junior choir who had sung for us in the Sunday school


The Pastor who began in January, resigned from Uyesu Unathi in March. We miss him and wish him God’s blessing on all his future endeavours, wherever God leads him, may he prosper.

We have welcomed Robbie Daries to the Board. He also preaches at Khayelitsha regularly on a monthly basis. He has been a supporter of the ministry for many years, by keeping all our cars in working condition. He is a real gift from God to us. A great blessing, and much loved by the community and all of us.

We had the privilege of handing out over 300 gift packs [from Christmas] to the Injongo Primary school for disabled and mentally challenged children. This was a very humbling experience for us. The children never receive gifts and were very excited. We have great admiration for the men and women who teach them with so much love and patience.  What a delight to give and receive such joy in return. We were also able to tell each class about Jesus who is their savior and friend and encourage the teachers, assuring them of God’s love for them.


The Sunday school children gave their mothers the opportunity to see what they learn on a Sunday, when they gave a short skit in Church on Moses and how he led the Isrealites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.

The teachers compiled the narrative and the short play, which made me very proud of them. We did have to tell the children the Red sea is NOT red but we used a red blanket for effect.

Here Pharoah’s soldiers being covered by the “Red Sea”!

Rob Walker brought a group of Christian students from Student Y - [Cape Town University] - to minister to the children at Uyesu Unathi for a few days.

They stayed at our accommodation and gave a bible club for the community children, which was a great success. They also did the devotions where we could join in. Students and children, all of us had a great time. Rob will come back to visit with other students to minister here in the future. Thank you Lord.


Our Youth had a fun day celebrating June 16th by dressing  in their “School Uniforms” – as they are all no  longer in school, and brought back all kinds of memories for them.

The devotion was based on what true freedom is – not just the country being free, but being truly free in Jesus, and how God is totally in control of everything in this world, everything that happens -and in their lives as well.

The preschool was in urgent need of new toilets, as after 12 years of use by preschoolers they were broken and no longer clean and healthy. All the tiles had to be lifted and replaced, and complete new toilets installed. By God’s grace and provision our church families in Australia took this on as a project. We are so thankful this is now completed.There are now 15 new toilets, with 7 new urinals for the boys. The boys were fascinated by them and kept coming back every few minutes just to look and visit them again!


Mawande is half way through his gap year and started back at GWC to redo his Ethics subject in July.

He has spent his Thurs giving devotions to the  poor community of Klipheuwel, in Durbanville. He is seen here teaching the bible to them in Xhosa.

He has teaching and training from Rev. Mark Parris every week, as well as attending a Wed class given in Khayelitsha by Chris de Witt. He has progressed very well with his weekly English classes given by retired Missionary Colin Thomlinson. Colin preaches at Church regularly and a friend in Ministry for many years.

Pray for Mawande that we can raise funds for him to continue his studies next year.

Now that we have control back this year over the property we have resurrected the “veggie garden”. This will help the children a great deal as veggies are so expensive to buy.

This has taken weeks of work, to first clear all the weeds, dig out and sift all the stones, then remake all the beds and with soil and compost.

 The person doing all this is a dedicated gardener, already this month [July] we are seeing the spinach coming along nicely. He has planted potatoes, carrots, and onions – so we are hoping for a good crop soon. We are so thankful for this development.

July school holidays is Holiday Bible club time – and the leaders did a fantastic job of this. There were almost 200 children every day of the week, and is went so smoothly with all working together in a great team. Lots of fun and enjoyed by children and leaders. We had Nthombi join us for the week from CEF [Child evangelism fellowship] and she gave lots of input with new songs, ways to teach bible verses and do the stories [Dress up day – prize winners]

10 sewing machines and an overlocking machine were given away as we were not able to use them due to the restriction by the suppliers of electricity to the building.

They were gratefully received by a group of ladies who are unemployed. The all know how to sew and will use the machines to make items of clothing they can sell to earn an income for their families.

We also gave them materials and thread to help them get started.

We have  started a “library” for the children – Over the past few years we have collected childrens books,that wre too large for the Christmas packs and have started to let the children use them.

The children cant take the books home [we would not get them returned] –but they can come and browse every week before we start our kids club. At present there only two shelves with books, but we are sure this will continue to grow. We want to help the children to become literate and have a love for reading to help with their education.


Thanks to everyone who has lovingly prayed for and cared for me over the past 4 months while I underwent surgery and then Chemo and Radiation for Cancer. It was this wonderful prayer support that has seen me through these past dark days. I am also so grateful for all the folk and churches who have donated funds toward the medical expenses, what a blessing.There were so many precious folk, churches, bible study groups and people, who gave me lifts to hospital made meals and did shopping it is impossible to thank you all. I am so very humbled and grateful to each and everyone of you in God’s family. God bless you richly. I now need to regain the strength and energy. I have already gained 2 kilos [only 9 to go] and will see the Professor soon to give me the results of the treatment in a week or so. Please pray I am cured. I am still needing patience as going at a slow pace is very frustrating.

I love you all dearly.

In the precious name of Jesus, my dear family in Christ.



Your Missionary in Khayelitsha,  Cape Town, South Africa.

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