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AUG - OCT 2013 Newsletter

Cape Town, had one of the coldest, wettest and windiest winters in 80 years! It brought with it floods, houses demolished, roofs were blown off, clothing ruined, and lots of sickness and untold misery. The preschool roof and ceiling had to be repaired.


Our children’s club in June [mid-winter] had over 300 children coming daily - Monday – Friday!

The highest number ever! God graciously provided food every day and helped us to cope with only 20 volunteers, who did everything! We were grateful to folk who donated hundreds of blankets, to help with the freezing cold weather, Praise the Lord for concerned Christians. We handed them out to the children at this club, to our recently adopted and extremely poor orphanage, plus another very poor pre-school, and our pre-school – we had 25 larger blankets which we gave to a group of senior ladies. They were very very cold, and were trying to make a living doing sewing with only one hand machine in a freezing cold garage, cement floor, with the door open in order to have some light. BRRRRRRRRRRR!

As I have previously told you, the “Kids Klub” has been blessed this year with Nthombi – from CEF who has taught the children new songs, bible games, and made learning bible verses loads of fun. The children love them and they ask to sing their favourite ones in Sunday school.

One of our partners in God’s work, George Verwer sent much needed and funds which helped us to clothe hundreds of children by giving them warm tops, tracksuits and also heaters for the orphans and our pre-school. This was a blessing we appreciated by every single one who received this blessing.

Parents, Teachers and Carers, were totally overwhelmed by God’s love and kindness toward them. I have thanked the many folk who gave, and have sent them photos and notes, but would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your concern and Christian love shown toward  the poor and needy of God’s little children. God is so good!

God also knows how to keep us busy!

The Sunday school has been very productive this year – and we are very encouraged by the growth in the children’s spirituality. The older ones now prefer to do quizzes and puzzles as a way to learn and do bible verses. It shows us how their knowledge of God’s word is growing!





The pre-school is doing very well, although we are still battling to have sufficient fees cover costs.

We have decided due to the rising costs in fuel and food we will have to increase the fees next year. Please pray we are successful in obtaining funds for the food from Social Services by next March! This will enable us to cover the salaries and give a small increase as well. Pray we can have the funds to pay the teachers for December and January, when the Pre-school is closed – due to the Summer holidays ,when there are no children at the preschool, or any fees either.

The parents have worked well with us this year becoming involved and raising funds. This gave the teachers the opportunity to hire transport for an outing for the older children 3 – 6 years to the airport. Not only were the children thrilled seeing the airoplanes,  but had the added attraction of playing in the vast area set aside for them where they could climb, slide, play with balls, and had the time of their lives. It tired them and gave the teachers a nice break!

The parents raised funds for a fashion show! The children came in their best party clothes for a contest called “Mr and Mrs Tony Tots” - and this fun filled day was held in the new venue, Conference centre. We had a table of judges [not parents] and it was amazing how everyone participated, a very happy day. These funds will go toward the teachers salaries in December.

We are now preparing for the Graduation on16th November. Christmas is also just around the corner, already all the decorations and gifts for every preschooler have been prepared.



This Ministry has grown significantly this year,spiritually, due to the wonderful biblical teaching from Peter Vaughan. Peter is also our newest Board member, which we were delighted to welcome on to the Board a few months ago. Peter has worked with the Youth this year and we are so blessed to have such a committed Christian working alongside us.

The youth have re-started visiting churches now with their choir.They are taught by Sipho who has a wonderful Tenor voice himself. Of course the first church we visited was our own DCC Church in Durbanville, run by another Board member Rev. Mark Parris. Hopefully they will be able to visit more before the end of this year.



Thanks to all who have faithfyully prayed for Nozizwe and her Throat cancer. After 3 months of Chemo she has been totally cured, Praise the Lord! She is slowly getting her voice back but still has no taste, the Doctor said it will take time. It is wonderful to have her back with us once more.

Finally, after a year and a few months – we have been granted a Rebate on the last 2 Tax years. Thanks to all who specifically prayed for a solution to this challenge.

The requirements have changed so much we felt very blessed that this has been achieved. The wonderful news is that we have now been granted 100% rebate for 2013 – 2014tax year too.

After almost a year of persistant queries by Debbie our accountant  we now have  the teachers on UIF

Our webpage has had an uplift, thanks to Mark Thomas, another Board member –who is our IT guy, he has also put the preschool on the Internet, this is progress!

Now that we are in November – we have started on our Christmas packs for the 5000 shanty children in Site B. However, we have only done about 1500 in October due to all the delays, please pray we can get the rest done in the next 6 weeks. Pray for funding and for the churches to bring second hand clothing for the packs. Thanks.

We have been blessed with several visiors from various countries and are looking forward to a group of students from Russia visiting us and staying in the accommodation we have for Missions groups. They are due to arrive Mid Jan 2014.

Please also pray for Mawande our bible college student at GWC. He will need funding if he can study another year at the College. Due to having received a poor township education which limited his grasp on English he will continue to have great perseverance to overcome and understand subjects like Ethics. I thank God for his lecturers who are trying to help and Colin who has been teaching him English. Mawande is totally committed to serving the Lord all his life, and we all know we serve a God of miracles.


I have been reminded of my age when I went to renew my driver’s licence, and was told I now need to wear glasses while driving! They are great as they have a sunfilter and 3 different sections.

I need new tyres for the Kombi, but this must wait till Christmas, as other things needed repair on the Kombi first. The engine had an overhaul, thanks to generous sponsors this has worked out well. Also due to rust and a very cracked windscreen, this had to be replaced – again God graciously provided. He does indeed take good care of me and this Ministry . I would not be able to work without a vehicle is use daily, hence my frustration at inconveniencing others when I was unable to drive for a solid month. It was just returned, when the first time driving to Khaye, the fuel tank broke, and a new one had to be fitted! I am always amazed how everything comes at one time!  My collegue said I must be doing something right for being so attacked! This Van has served me and the ministry well for over 12 years, and cost of repairs is far cheaper than obtaining another vehicle. It will now further serve the ministry for years to come - for the next generation!

During the short September break [school holiday for a week] God again graciously provided and a Friend and myself went on a 4 day trip to Sun City in Gauteng. This was a very unusual break for me – but thoroughly appreciated and a fantastic experience. What gave me the most joy and was very humbling, but at the same time, the most satisfaction and pleasure, was that we took the Principal - Nzuki and Vice Principal - Susan with us! Susan had never flown before and Nzuki only once when she came with me to Durban 2 years ago. This was a great thrill nd wonderful experience for them. It was also great to get away from the Cape’s cold weather!

The highlights were seeing them feeding the elephants, Susan was very frightened but became brave when Nzuki ventured to touch one of them, she came closer as well. I loved the show we saw one evening, great singers, magnificant costumes [with the feathers on their heads this was a dream come true for me] The dancers were tireless with scores of dance items. Val loved the High Tea we had at the Lost City.There was a whole menue on the variety of tea!

The valley of the waves impressed me the most, how they have have manufactured real waves and a beach with real sea sand a thousand miles from the sea!


In closing, please remember to pray for the Court case on the 13th November. The last 2 were post poned due to them having another Lawyer [their 3rd] – This time our lawyer made them all sign a letter that there would be NO further postponements no matter what reason, and our lawyer handed a copy to the Magistrate. It is now over a year since all this unpleasantness started, and we are praying it will finally be settled. Thank you all for the wonderful prayer and financial support. Please keep this going, we need every prayer and cent, thank you.

We pray God grants us all a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a fruitful and rewarding 2014.

May He richly reward you for all you have done to help develop His work in this corner of His vineyard this year.

May our loving God bless you richly, and in abundance!

I love you all, in the precious name of Jesus, my dear family in Christ.



Your Missionary in Khayelitsha,

Cape Town. South Africa.

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