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Greetings to you all, Prayer partners, loyal supporters and friends, all over the world, for standing side by side with me, through all the challenges God allowed in this Ministry, these past 3 months. I have appreciated your loyal encouragement and support in prayer. Your emails and bible verses you regularly sent me, have kept my Spirit joyful, and I continue to praise my awesome God. My focus is on God alone as I trust in Him alone.

I have great joy in seeing what God is doing in this Ministry. No wonder Satan is angry trying to destroy this Ministry. God sends us trials, to love Him more to strengthen our characters and walk with Him. Amen.

I shall concentrate sharing the positive and exciting things that God has been doing in this report.

Early in March we were contacted by a Christian who has a Tourism business. He has a group of students from a USA University, who come to Cape Town every year for a month. They travel around Cape Town and spend time in Khayelitsha, to experience the culture and food. However, this year due to unforeseen circumstances, they did not have accommodation. He visited our Lifeskills centre and asked if we could accommodate all 28 of them!

God immediately helped us by providing all we needed to accommodate them. From bunks, matrasses, bedding, towels, curtains, to gas heaters, [June is in the middle of our winter here] very cold, windy and very wet! I sent out a plea to our churches. Thankfully - a huge response from U Turn. They do a great work sheltering homeless people. They had bedding they did not need and provided us with half of all we needed! Prayers answered!


In April we were able to obtain utensils: pots, pans, tables and chairs, carpets, and had the gas connected for the stoves, plus a microwave for the Kitchen. Donations were received for furniture for the flat. A great deal of work done by Nzuki Sipho Andy and myself, very tiring but we managed – and are delighted at the end result!

It is a real investment, As you can see God gave us only the best! All for His glory and a fantastic witness to the Community at large. Please feel free to visit any time, we would love to have you.

The visitors enjoyed the experience and said the dinner and breakfast was the best they had had in the country – since they arrived. This was great encouragement for us. They were very content with the accommodations. Our youth joined us for dinner? About 15 of them, so in total we fed around 50! Everyone had a fun time. The youth taught them some township games, and they spent a lot of time learning different local dance steps. Other guests included our very own Pastor from the Durbanville Church, Mark Parris and his wife Cyndi, who was celebrating her birthday. Peter Vaughan and his 2 lovely daughters, newly arrived in SA from USA this year. Peter is a Missionary and he has been working with our Youth for the past few months, teaching them how to live for Christ.

It was great having some old friends from St. James Church join us as well, Robbie and Michelle [who did the cooking] and Kathy Noland, who is always ready to give a helping hand. Mark Thomas, a Board member and our IT guy who helps do this newsletter, came to help set up the Audio visual power point, giving an outline of the Ministry. After a hearty breakfast, some students, went on a “walk-a-bout” and then left to spend a further week down the coast at Rocklands. We are hoping this will become an annual event for students to visit, maybe longer next time! We consider this as a way of maintaining the venue, as there will be a minimum cost involved.

But wait – I am “jumping the gun” - This year Easter came very early, in March, and the children did their usual Palm Sunday march around the neighbourhood, singing and inviting other children to join in and come to Sunday school. There is not much in the way of trees in Khaye so our Palms are bits of greenery, just enough to wave.

After acting out the Crucifixion and joyous Resurrection, a Easter egg hunt on the grounds. Lots of excitement seeing who could find the most Easter eggs! Every child received the same number of eggs, plus a hot cross bun,

a special treat – donated by Woolworths foods!


A local Councillor from the DA serving in the BM section in Khaye, was so impressed with Uyesu Unathi when  we helped the fire victims with food and clothing [see last news letter], that he invited us to join him at Parliament for lunch. He wanted to know more about us and our plans for the future. It was quite the experience, seeing where the government spends our taxes, very impressive, however due to an emergency meeting for the DA over lunch – we were asked politely to leave the dining room, pity, maybe next time! – and moved to their lovely little coffee shop, where we were served with some very delicious chocolate and carrot cake and cuppachino’s!

As I have mentioned Peter Vaughan started a Youth group with the youth in the area who were interested to learn more about God. This was most encouraging for us, that Peter has a burden for the Youth. Over the months the numbers have settled to 25/30 every Friday, and the youth are thrilled with his teaching. Our dear friend George Verwer has supplied us with Xhosa bibles. All the youth Peter is working with now have one. Praise the Lord!

Peter Senior [In Texas] has helped enormously, by providing our preschool with funds to buy food for  the pre school for a month. We are experiencing a drop in the numbers of children because the parents cant afford the fees, which  leavs us with a shortfall for food and salaries for teachers every month. Food being the top priority.

Another wonderful gift was from our overseas friends Hope International. Their gift has enabled us to provide 100 plus children with soup and bread every week at kids club. They will also help in the July holidays to feed 250 to 300 children every day for a week. Peanut butter and Jam is another donation from Doreen and her friends.

Once more our friends from U Turn asked us to collect clothing from their warehouse. My Kombi [van] and Chris’s

 Bakkie [small truck] were loaded with over 70 black bags which were sorted and shared out among the local community.The balance taken to BM section fire victims, and as you can see they were overjoyed and praised God for caring for them.

This year has also had more teaching and training taking place. Firstly in the Lifeskills Centre, where Chris de Witt is teaching a group of approx 25 young folk, from different churches, by mentoring them in core biblical handling of ministry skills essential to all gospel teaching ministry. There are 4, 7 week terms in the year. The students learn to love, teach and understand scripture, to live for Christ and how to give talks and bible studies.

Secondly, we have had the good fortune of having Kobus Viljoen the Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship, come to teach our Sunday school teachers in Feb He has also taught our preschool teachers, and our kids klub leaders, fun bible games and fun ways to learn bible verses. We have a  Xhosa young lady, Ntombi, who continues this teaching most weeks at the kids klub, and the children love it. CEF are organising a full week teaching the bible and holiday activities in July. The leaders training for this was held the last Sat. in June. We are expecting between 250 to 300 children.

I am so pleased to share all these new and exciting Ministries with you, fantastic answers to so many prayers over so many years. There are now hundreds of folk, this year, from pre schoolers to young adults, hearing the gospel, and learning more of God and His word and how it relates to them personally, and the are growing in grace, while having lots of fun in the process.

Another exciting development is with the- Department of Social Development who is working with us to network with other Youth projects in the surrounding community, to see how together we can assist the youth to lead more productive lives by helping them to realize their potential.

In closing let me leave you with these items for prayer.

Please pray, remember all the “P’s” -   Provision, Protection, Perseverance, Prayer and Praise to our Heavenly Father, making all the facets of this Ministry - Possible.

We are well aware the most vital amongst the “P’s” is Prayer, so we covet your ongoing loyal support in this area, which, as we know, releases God’s Power to obtain all the other items we need for Ministry.

This ministry relies on your Partnership with us, by giving us your prayer and financial support, without these this ministry could not operate.

Be assured in all areas we in the Ministry and in the Uyesu Unathi Projects are fully accountable at all times when doing God’s work here in Khayelitsha.

The Board of Uyesu Unathi wishes to convey to all our supporters, that if there is any uncertainty in any matter, please feel free to bring this to our attention.

We realize in this ministry for our Lord Jesus, we are continually fighting against principalities of evil, as satan is out to destroy. He is angry at all the wonderful developments for God’s work, so will try to prevent further progress. However, we are absolutely at peace, knowing our God is in control of all things. We only need to be obedient to Him, to trust only in Him. He will overcome evil and His purpose and plans will be achieved.

Personally – I am well, now 71! I had to renew my driver’s licence [ this is done every 5 years]. The only diffetrence this time, I will now have to wear glasses! It was a little tricky getting used to the “Tri - focals” – I think you call them, but it is fine now. I have had 2 burglaries – one inside – not much to steal, except my shoes and all the kid’s medicine, this upset me! -  and one outside – all the copper piping – water everywhere for over an hour! Apparently there is a big market for copper. All the “Old” houses have copper pipes, and my house is very old [like it’s owner - me] – now replaced with plastic – so, cant think af anything else that can be stolen!

I  have a claim in for the Preschool, as during one really bad storm here in Cape Town [know as the Cape of storms] – the ceiling fell down, I guess the roof leaked and the weight of water made it collaps! The assessor will only come in July. Pray there is no more rain till then and we get paid out by the Insurance Co. Thanks.

Please continue to pray for my collegues, who work tirelessly with me, namely Nzuki, who runs the preschool, Sunday school and kids klub, and Sipho who deals with so many areas of ministry, mainly with the various governemnt departments, like Eskom, Social Development, Social Services, Rates, and building problems.

Please continue to keep the preschool in your prayers for more paying pupils, the fees have to be kept very low in the township, so we need more children to pay for the salaries and food. This is a biggie! Thanks.

Lastly, a prayer for Mawande Tolbert, who is studying as GWC this year. Pray he will continue to understand more English, in order for him to express himself when doing assignments, and writing exams. A heartflt thank you to his tutor Colin Thomlinson, who says his grammer is improving. Mawande has moved to the Res at college, as the transport to and from College was exhausting, as it took many hours to get there and back. He now has more access to the library and other collegues to help him with queries. Thank God for the donations received locally,  that has enabled him stay there, an enormous help in his studies. He also tells us the food is great!

Thanks to his supporters in Australia, we are so grateful to God for you and especially Sheila Spencer, who has always had such a heart to students wanting to study God’s word, and has paid for his College fees.

Thank you - to everyone who has given donations of warm clothing, like Grove Primary School, and several of our CESA churches. To Operation Shoe box, who gave two hundred blankets. God bless you all.

May our gracious God continue to bless His work as it is growing rapidly. This year will be very significant!

May He richly reward you for all you do to help develop His work in this corner of His vineyard.

Love in Jesus,


Your Missionary in Khayelitsha,

Cape Town. South Africa.

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