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About uYesu Unathi

UYESU UNATHI is a Non Profit Organisation, consisting of a Board of 5 Board Members.

We have a Christian Constitution and Statement of Faith.

All who work or serve in UYESU UNATHI are committed and devoted Christians.

Our main purpose is to spread the gospel and glorify the name of Jesus our Saviour in the Khyelitsha area.

The Organisation was called UYESU UNATHI (Jesus is with us) because there is only ONE Jesus and Saviour and only through HIM can we pass into Heaven when we die. There are too many "gods" in Khayelitsha, but only one Jesus, so everyone knows who we represent here in the Township.


Until 1990 people in South Africa were confined to live in certain areas according to their race. Most of S.A.’s 30 million black citizens live in rural areas. The Xhosa tribe began migrating to Cape Town in 1983 looking for work. Scince 1983, more than 1.5 million Xhosa people have settled in a township called Khayelitsha (which means “new homes”). It is a 25 minute drive from Cape Town.

75% of these people are unemployed, illiterate and in desperate need. Two thirds of the population live in small shacks made from scraps of tin, wood and plastic. Few have running water, sanitation or electricity. Unemployment has caused violence to escalate in the shantytown and people often kill to survive and have work. Child abuse, domestic abuse, and rape are a daily occurrence. The average family unit is completely broken down providing no stability and no healthy example of family life. Thousands of hungry children without adequate clothing or shoes run the streets with no schooling or supervision. Education is not free in South Africa and due to minimal or no income, children are simply not able to go to school. Many are physically and sexually abused leading to destructive behaviour such as drugs, alcohol, crime, violence and immorality.


God has placed a vision within the hearts of UYESU UNATHI to pioneer a Christian community centre with limitless potential to serve these people for the glory of Christ. This centre entitled “UYESU UNATHI” (meaning “Jesus is with us”) and would encompass a full range of education, empowerment, and various ministries.

UYESU UNATHI” will consist of a Church, Christian pre-school, youth centre, resource centre, AIDS trauma counselling, and eventually a Christian primary school. The heart of the centre’s vision is to develop overall community upliftment by ministering to the whole person.

UYESU UNATHI” is a vision God has provided to help give hope to the hopeless; spiritually, physically and mentally so that they can develop their God given potential and be the person God wanted them to be.

Your support through prayers and finance will be greatly appreciated.

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